BBG Relocation Services

  • Training for corporations, educational institutions and government agencies
  • In-service programs for human resource departments
  • Individual consultations for executives and/or families as arranged by employer
  • Private consultation as requested by executives/employees

Cultural Transition Advantage(CTA)— Comprehensive training for the entire family

For the Employee — Pre and post relocation employee training tailored to the specific needs of a given organization along with details on the type and duration of an abroad assignment.

For the Spouse – Assisting the spouse with adjustment to the new environment and career needs; negotiating stressors and assisting with decision making as a couple.

Identify and discuss perceived expectations and challenges, including assignment duration.

For the Children – Comprehensive preparation for children and/or adolescents to facilitate the move abroad.

Services for Couples

Whether the accompanying spouse is male or female, the importance of a strong marital partnership is crucial in successfully navigating cultural transitions.

Consultation with couples in preparation for an expatriate assignment includes:

Examining the cycle of adjustment. What is the ramification of relocation for each partner? This can be a particular challenge in dual career marriages where both partners need to integrate current lifestyles into their new community.

Accelerate a positive transition by discussing how the move can benefit the relationship while providing strategies to enhance adjustment to the new environment.

Assist in pre-departure preparation with emphasis on securing any needed resources and support systems.

Provide tools for stress management, conflict resolution and any other emotional or social needs.

Services for Children and Teens

The quality and degree of pre- relocation training and preparation is essential to enhance a child or teen’s ability to thrive in placement abroad. Additionally, literature on the expat experience suggests that children who live abroad with families have a greater likelihood to live abroad as adults.

Assessment of resiliency versus vulnerability in learning styles and social and emotional functioning to provide practical strategies for effective adjustment.

Give your children a solid understanding of the salient cultural factors of the country the family is relocating to.  The more disparate and unfamiliar the traditions of a country, the more challenging the transition.

Address specific lifestyle issues such as attitude toward alcohol, sexuality, body consciousness, and work ethic.  These factors can have a tremendous impact on teenagers of expats.

Team Building

Teams represent interconnecting systems, with strengths and vulnerabilities in flux. By targeting the relational needs of each team, and providing solutions, we foster strength and growth.

The ability to effectively communicate and negotiate conflicts is essential to a vital, productive team.  Our training builds the foundation for cohesion.  When faced with obstacles, the problem-solving and relational tools we provide allow for team resolution and growth.

In today’s world, managers need to lead while teams
meet in the office or through various modes of teleconferencing. We help to maintain a sense of solidarity and connection regardless of location and global challenges.

Individual minds, vibrant personalities, working together – in sync – finishing strong.  That’s a team.

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