Better Business Globally (BBG) is a consulting firm that prepares employees and families for corporate relocation abroad.  BBG was founded by two clinicians who, in the process of their longstanding private practices, encountered employees and families who were not adequately prepared for global relocation. Using their extensive clinical experience, multicultural understanding and creative approach they developed an innovative program. BBG recognizes transitioning employees and their families to another country is a major expense for corporations. Employees can face tremendous stress when family members struggle with transcultural adjustment, which in turn can negatively impact job performance. We believe that when a family is well versed in the benefits and challenges of moving abroad, they can be both realistic and excited about this novel experience. The opportunity to work and live abroad can be an opportunity of a lifetime. At BBG we believe that optimal work/family balance can be achieved when employee and family members remain in dialogue with one another, and feel fully prepared for a global move.

BBG provides comprehensive relocation consultation services with a proprietary training program developed to assist employees and families called Cultural Transition Advantage (CTA) TrainingCTA can be utilized by corporate or government entities where employees and families are dispatched internationally, in addition to international organizations transferring employees and/or families to the United States.

Enhancing Family Transitions in Corporate Relocation

BBG offers consultation and training which is designed to address the specific developmental and social needs of children and adolescents.   Our goal is to prepare families so that they can reap the many benefits of living abroad.

“Evidence suggests the at the profile of the expatriate or global manager is changing… it is shifting away from senior-level male executive.” GMAC (2008) cites 18% of expats are women. Such changes in demographics impact the marital relationship of employee and spouse. Whether the “trailing spouse” is male or female, the importance of a strong marital partnership is crucial in successfully navigating cultural transitions. Ultimately, in the global economy of the future, it makes sense to solidify family functioning so that employees can excel at work, and companies can reap the financial and other benefits.

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Company Overview

Colleen A. Burns LMHC, LADC I, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

As a licensed mental health counselor and licensed alcohol and drug counselor, Ms. Burns has been working with adults and families in various capacities since 1997.  Currently in a private practice forum, she’s also worked as a counselor/therapist for public and private sector organizations, as well as non-profit agencies and government-sponsored programs.

Ms. Burns earned her Bachelor of Science from Bentley University, where she gained a full understanding of international business concerns from a human resource perspective. She also received a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a strong consideration for multi-cultural therapies from Boston College.  Further strengthened by her travels to Asia, Europe and abroad. Ms. Burns went on to work with the dually-diagnosed as a staff clinician at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School.  Here she was able to incorporate mindfulness and relaxation therapies along with traditional methods she gained from her experience overseas.

At Bay Cove Treatment Center in Boston, Massachusetts, Ms. Burns gained additional graduate-level training in crisis counseling and the dually diagnosed. She went on to earn a secondary licensure as a supervisor in substance abuse and mental health disorders. Her work at Bay Cove included individual and group therapy, specifically in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Ms. Burns has lectured nationally at conferences and co-authored a treatment manual for the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), on trauma, dual diagnosis, recovery and rehabilitation.

Ms. Burns continues to enhance her areas of expertise by regularly attending area conferences, working as a Study Liaison for various research projects, and providing service trainings for local college and university counseling centers. Colleen works in her private practice in Brookline, MA, and is a current member the APA and MaMHCA, NADAC, and Other professional organizations

Lisa K. Desai, Psy.D., Co-Founder and Managing Partner

In private practice for over 15 years, Dr. Desai has a longstanding interest in working internationally with issues of acculturation, identity, family systemic dynamics and relocation. With extensive experience working with college students in various capacities, Dr. Desai has worked both clinically and as a trainer for resident life staff.  Her experience with college students includes:

  • Consulting to private New England day and boarding schools to provide clinical services
  • Staff clinician at the Stone Center Counseling Service at Wellesley College for seven years, where she served on the multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Team, acted as liaison to the LGBT group and wrote about identity developments in college students.  In subsequent years, Dr. Desai was a student advisor in the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life for the college.
  • Director of the Asian Mental Health Program at Cambridge Health Alliance where she held an appointment at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Desai has presented nationally at conferences on topics related to therapy with a multicultural population, eating disorders, and the intersection of art and psychology. Dr. Desai received her doctorate from Wright State University, and completed her internship at Children’s Hospital of Michigan where she specialized in pediatric behavioral medicine and neuropsychological testing.  She went on to complete her postdoctoral training in child and adolescent psychology at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA). Dr. Desai is of South Asian descent, has traveled extensively and is fluent in Gujarati.