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Corporate and Family Preparation for Global Relocation

Who We Are

Better Business Globally, LLC. provides family preparedness consulting for executives and families in the context of a global move. Our training is culturally informed so as to address a variety of psychosocial factors that will facilitate smooth adaptation for all family members. Additionally, BBG provides team based training to solidify group relations and accentuate strengths at all levels -leadership through individual team roles - so as to enhance productivity.

The Corporate Value of a Strong Family

Increasingly companies are sending employees overseas for work opportunities.
Studies show that among this group of expatriates, most will be middle to high level executives with spouses and
children. Given that, employees must weigh a variety of factors before agreeing to an overseas placement.
CTA tm eases the psychosocial transition of relocation by helping parents focus on the positive, growth enhancing variables of their life abroad thus maximizing the benefits of an expatriate experience.

Increase the Success Rate of Employee Relocations

Work-family balance is a key factor in the success of transplanting executives and their families abroad. Sending employees overseas is costly, and satisfied employees are more likely to succeed in a new environment, increasing a company's return on investment.

Working with us

Discover how CTA™ can increase the success of your company’s relocations.